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“Gareth is a very inspiring presenter and his insights showed how military processes could be applied to industry to close the gap between strategy and data science.”

— Dr Ian M Harrison B.Sc Ph.D

ISR Consultancy

Decision Advantage has provided world-beating ISR, Command and Control and decision support consultant services. We have a track record of providing high quality training to our partners around the world.

ISR Training: We provide ISR specific training that is doctrinally compliant and tailored to the purpose of the audience. From IRM and CM through to tactical employment.

Speaking & Lecturing

Gareth Tennant has delivered speeches, workshops and lectures at a number of renowned universities, think tanks and conferences. He uses thought-provoking correlations between global security challenges and those faced by business in a highly de-centralised, complex and connected environment. Gareth’s use of visceral examples, from the world of human conflict and espionage, captivates audiences. He has a unique ability to ground often ethereal ideas into a real-world context; his message is both fascinating and inspiring; it has also never been more prescient and provides fundamentally practical and applicable solutions.


Business Training: Decision Advantage provides both a range of business training and mentoring services from implementation of some quick and simple methods for creating team resilience and  increasing efficiency, through to bespoke scenario based war-games for stress testing.


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