Battling with Business Podcast

In this podcast, Gareth collaborates with Chris Kitchener, a veteran of the software development world, they explore ideas and concepts around teams and teamwork, leaders and leadership, and all things in between. It’s a discussion between a former military commander and a business manager, comparing and contrasting their experiences as they attempt to work out what makes teams, leaders, and businesses tick.

Episode 21 – 10 reasons your project may not be on track Battling with Business

This week, Chris talks from experience about the tell-tail signs that a project may be heading off course.  Gareth explores the resonance of commercial project management with campaign management of military operations and the principles of war.
  1. Episode 21 – 10 reasons your project may not be on track
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  3. Episode 19 – Operational Art Part 2
  4. Episode 18 – Operational Art Part 1
  5. Episode 17 – Exploring the future with Paul Armstrong

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