The foundations for my specialist area of work, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), were laid during my time in the Royal Marines (RM) where, after serving as a combat leader, I specialised in Information Exploitation.  

During my 14 years in the Royal Marines I was fortunate enough to have worked in all four components of the UK Armed Forces (Air, Land, Maritime and Joint) as well as serving with many of the UK’s multination partners and allies.  I have been involved in the planning and execution of a variety of operations around the world.

My journey, starting on tactical delivery of close combat capability, has ultimately led me to advising on  operational and strategic Information Exploitation.  This wide range of experience has helped me to realise the vital importance of connectedness when solving complex problems and has led me to become one of the UK leading experts in Military Information process problem solving.  

Tasks included:

– Developing training, tactics and procedures for UK ISR,

– Contributing work for the Royal Navy’s Information Superiority Policy,

– Advising NATO and Allied Joint Publication 2.7,

– Advising on the Qualified Weapons Instructor ISR Course

– Information Exploitation and Intelligence support to the UK Very High Readiness Maritime and Amphibious Task Group

– Capability Gap analysis for the British Army’s Information Warfare specialists


  • MSc in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Management (Distinction)
  • BEng in Command, Control and Communication Information Systems (Honours)
  • Chartered Management Institute Level 8 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Level 5 BTEC Professional Award in Management Studies
  • UK Joint Services Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Land) (Finished in top 10%)
  • Royal Air Force Qualified Weapons Instructor (ISR)
  • Royal Navy Information Warfare Officer
  • Defence Academy college of Management and technology: Business Intelligence Course
  • Defence Academy College of Management and Technology: Managing Risk in Projects Course
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